It’s great to work with a fast track company like Assured – Uniting Ambition.  A very talented, passionate company offering a fantastic recruitment service in Keele, near Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.  I’m proud to say that Assured hired me after a recommendation from one of my clients.  The brief was very varied, from general interior views of the recent refurbishment, candid head & shoulders,  awards presentations and last but not least an evening out to celebrate the success of the company.  The main criteria was for pictures to be taken discretely, so the corporate profile pictures needed to be taken on a long lens and no flash.  I have to admit I took great pleasure in sneaking round pillars to grab some relaxed images, although after a while this technique fails as the victim recognises you and you run out of pillars!  Sorry to everyone who had to endure my stealthy tactics, but the pictures look great.  The awards went really well, time became a little pushed but we managed to get most of what we set out to take.  It’s not very often you finish an assignment in a bar, but it was great to get pictures of all the Assured  team enjoying a drink and relaxing.  Thank you to Assured for using my services, to Steve in particular for your help and the rest of the staff for putting up with me most of the day.

Here are a small selection from the day.

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